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Takeuchi Wheel Loader For Sale

Takeuchi Wheel Loader For Sale

Technology aims to make every facet of life easier. This is truer in the construction industry as each heavy equipment manufacturer has leveraged technological advancement to produce construction equipment. One common equipment used in construction projects is the wheel loader used to carry and lift sand, gravel into other types of machinery.

Wheel loaders have many functions in job sites as they can handle all types of attachments and applications. You can use a wheel loader to lift, scoop, load transport, and much more. It can get difficult to purchase a new wheel loader when you compare the different capabilities and productivity levels. Plus, wheel loaders have different models and sizes.

Are you on the lookout for a wheel loader? Here are helpful tips on finding the best wheel loader for sale.

  1. Check out the operating capacity of the wheel loader.

You will need to look out for the bucket size, lift capacity, and breakout force. What is the horsepower and the tipping load capacity? Seek to know the type of materials the machine can load, the weight it can move daily, and the other machines that be attached to it.

  1. Its weight and counterweight.

The weight of a wheel loader has a lot to do with its power. You also have to add the counterweight to the equation as it can affect lift capacity, stability, and traction of the equipment.

  1. Consider the protective components.

You deserve a durable machine. Check out for the light shields, guard screens, and hydraulic hoses protection when considering purchasing a new wheel loader.

  1. Consider the size and type of bucket you require.

There are many options to choose from. Choose the one that meets your need.

  1. Opt for a quick coupler and auxiliary hydraulics.

You should see the purchase of a new wheel loader as an investment you deserve to gain a lot from.

  1. Choose a wheel loader you can easily service.

This is very important to ensure durability.

  1. Purchase the wheel loader of your choice from a trusted heavy equipment dealer.

This cannot be emphasized. Make sure you buy from a dealer you can trust, like Act construction equipment, to enjoy unbeatable ongoing maintenance, service, and support from customer-centered service personnel and technicians.

At Act Construction Equipment, we pride ourselves as a one-stop shop for construction equipment. Check out the array of Takeuchi Wheel loaders we have for sale.

  • TW60 Series 2 Compact Wheel Loader

This is compact and well-built to perform many functions and attachments on the construction site. It comes with a universal hydraulic skid steer coupler, which uses many skid steer attachments, and its control is easy from the operator's cubicle. The engine is quiet and turbocharged with 61 horsepower (45.6 kW) for efficient power and all-around performance on the construction site.

  • TW80 Series 3 Compact Wheel Loader

We have this Takeuchi construction equipment for sale, and it has a compact design useful for manipulating not spacious places. With 73 horsepower, this particular wheel loader has a powerful, turbocharged top-tier engine. This one comes with an elevated operator's cubicle that allows greater visibility and awareness.

  • TW95 Compact Wheel Loader

This Takeuchi wheel loader is powerful, efficient, comfortable, and delivers optimal performance.

You can use this loader to load and carry, remove snow, and lots more. The cabin has a lot of spaces with a comfortable seat and armrest. The engine is well built to deliver power, and it is Final Tier 4. The machine's maintenance and inspections maintenance and inspections are easy. You can have this as either our Takeuchi rentals or used Takeuchi equipment for sale financing options.

Rent or buy our equipment today: https://actconstructionequipment.com/new_inventory.php

Takeuchi Wheel Loader For Sale
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Takeuchi Wheel Loader For Sale
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Takeuchi Wheel Loader For Sale

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