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Asbestos Removal Hamilton

Remove Asbestos Canada is the company to call when you need safe and professional asbestos removal in Hamilton. Don't put your health and that of your family's at risk living with asbestos or trying to remove it yourself. Instead, let an expert do your dirty work. Contact Remove Asbestos Canada for a free onsite survey and quote today.

Why Pay for Asbestos Removal in Hamilton?

Asbestos is a hidden killer. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous product, especially since it is found in the weirdest and wonderful places. For example, asbestos can sometimes even be found in a telephone. It can be used in areas where you would least expect it to be. That's why we must stress that a thorough survey must be carried out to locate identify areas where asbestos exists.

There are basically three different types of asbestos - chrysotile (white), amosite (brown), crocidolite (blue). These three products are commonly found in all different building materials.

What are the Most Common Asbestos Products?

There are certain domestic properties, such as artex covering and corrugated roof sheets, which are very common in garages and are known to contain asbestos. Insulation boarding and also plastic floor tiles, which are commonly found and kitchens and bathrooms, often contain asbestos. These are the most common asbestos products within a domestic property.

What to Do if You Suspect Asbestos in Your Property?

If you discover asbestos and you think or know that it is asbestos, the worst thing you can do is to try to remove it yourself. This task is best left to a professional who is trained in handling asbestos properly. First, an enclosure needs to be made. The air needs to be placed under negative pressure, and it is important to wear personal protective equipment any time you're dealing with asbestos.

By disturbing asbestos, you're going to create a release of fiber - an asbestos fiber that's going to be inhaled and is going to cause you health problems over the long-run.

How is Asbestos Removed?

Using a typical job as an example, we would remove the residents for the day. Our technicians will pass through a decontamination unit and then go to work. We will segregate the bathroom, as an example, and we would place it under a three-stage airlock system and place the air under negative pressure. This way, we remove the bad air and pump in new air. We usually work in 8 - 10 air changes per hour.

We wear personal protective equipment, as far as overalls, boots, and PPE, which is the RPE system. To be an asbestos removal contractor, you have to have a license. There are a lot of stringent rules, regulations and procedures any time we are performing asbestos removal services, and Remove Asbestos Canada is fully licensed and capable of completing your asbestos removal job safely and quickly. This means that you can count on us to remove asbestos from any site in a safe and proper manner and don't have to DIY. Contact us for professional asbestos removal in Hamilton.

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Asbestos Removal Hamilton

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